Business of Commodity Trading

The word “Vion Agro” derives its roots from the Spanish language, literally meaning “commodity”. The name itself speaks of the focus that the young and dynamic team have on the business of commodity trading of grains, pulses and fertilizers, amongst others GLOBALLY i/o existing.

The business model of the company works on the premise of two-way trade. So in any country that Vion Agro operates, focus would be on fostering and encouraging not just the local produce and exports, but also importing certain basic, strategic items into the same country in order to create value beyond the normal buying/selling that others do.

The vision of the company is to ensure that any growth that happens, worldwide and especially in the Middle East and Africa Region happens to not just the benefit of the shareholders, but also to the region’s farmers, traders, processors, millers and people in general.

The company’s involvement in the Commodities business is to make communities self-sufficient and proud, to bring them Progress and Prosperity, the right way, the Vion Agro way.

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